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December, 2017

For more than  40 years, I have striven to make each day an AWESOME day by doing the things I LOVE!!! Spending time with family and friends, playing softball, refereeing football, swimming, diving, climbing, caving, skiing,... and the list goes on!

In addition to loving sports and the great outdoors; I LOVE A GOOD MEAL!!!  Coming from a long line of extraordinary chefs, caterers, and restaurateurs; I'm not the type of person to settle for average or below average service, nor do I care to pay $30+ for a tasteless meal when there are so many flavors to experience.

That is the reason I developed "Annie's Original" in 1992 after sampling hundreds of servings of "HOT WINGS" from a variety of establishments.  I guess I never got over that overwhelming vinegar taste that most wings have (I know you know what I'm talking about) and I knew I could create something better; so I got into the kitchen!

A little garlic and oregano, a few more spices, a touch of brown sugar and of course... HABANEROS, and  Voilà! ... "Annie's Original" came to life!  And WOW... WHAT FLAVOR!!!  IT'S AWESOME!  A few months later Annie's "My Mom Can Kick Your Mom's Ass" version joined the flavor party.

I have always known I had created something AWESOME and everyone who has ever tried my sauce has said I REALLY need to market it, but I really never gave it a second thought until recently.

In April of 2017, the bar manager of The Bracket Room, in Arlington, VA, tasted my sauce and asked me to develop a toned down version of "Annie's Original" to serve to his clientele. After four months of R&D, the 1st order of wings, coated in my sauce, was served to the general public.  Since September 12th, 2017 Annie's "Sweet and Mild" has become his #1 seller! (not including beer)

I developed my sauce because I believe every meal should be experienced and not just eaten.  The distinctive taste speaks for itself.  What has always been a HIT in my house, is now a local favorite.  I am proud to be able to "Take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride of flavor!" and present you with the opportunity to "HAVE an AWESOME ANNIE'S DAY!"

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  • Annie's Original "Holy Habanero"
  • Stingin' Scorpion
  • My Mom Can Kick Your Mom's Ass
  • Pineapple Habanero
  • Annie's Sweet and Mild
  • Awesome Annie’s Hab-B-Q
  • Annie's Italian Spice Blend

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